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Treatment of chalazion

What is Chalazion?

A chalazion is a small protrusion at the edge of the eyelid, beneath the skin, resulting from the blockage of the oil-secreting gland’s duct. A chalazion may initially be inflamed, causing pain and redness, resembling a stye. However, after a while, the pain and redness subside, leaving a swollen lump on the eyelid’s edge or thickness. The size of this protrusion is not fixed and can gradually increase or decrease. Sometimes, a chalazion appears initially as a solitary lump without pain and redness. Gentle massage may help open the oil gland duct and facilitate a quicker recovery.

Symptoms and signs of a chalazion


If you are prone to chalazion, keeping the edges of your eyelids clean may help prevent it. You can wash the edges of your eyelids with a mixture of warm water and baby shampoo. Massage and clean the outer edges of your eyelids at least once a day. It is also recommended to keep your hands clean and avoid using eye makeup along the eyelid edges.

difference between a chalazion and a stye

Sometimes chalazion is confused with a stye (hordeolum), which is also a red, swollen lump near the edge of the eyelid. A stye is an acute infection of an eyelash follicle and typically resolves within about a week.


Chalazion can be treated with one or a combination of the following methods:

Recurrent chalazion

In some cases, chalazions can recur in individuals. In such situations, it’s essential for the person to consult with an eye specialist because:

1. Distinguishing Serious Eye Conditions:** Sometimes, serious eye conditions, such as malignant eyelid tumors, can mimic recurring chalazions. Differentiating them from regular chalazions can only be done by an eye specialist.

2. Related Eye Diseases:** In some instances, other eye diseases like blepharitis (eyelid inflammation) or meibomian gland dysfunction can lead to the recurrence of chalazions. Controlling these conditions with the help of an eye specialist can assist in preventing chalazions from coming back.

If chalazions become a recurring problem, it’s crucial to seek the expertise of an eye doctor for proper evaluation and management.

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