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specialized and subspecialized ophthalmology and LASIK clinic

SADRA, Isfahan

The most modern and fastest ophthalmology services in the world

The most advanced LASIK device in the world

Excimer Laser

It was launched in Sadra Clinic and serves patients

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Successful eye surgery

About Us

Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic, Isfahan

It is an honor that you are visiting Sadra Eye Clinic website. We hope this visit will lead to the health of your eyes.

Sadra Eye Center is equipped with the most advanced ophthalmic devices in the world and currently in the central region of Iran by accepting patients from neighboring provinces and Persian Gulf countries, it plays a pivotal role in cataract surgery, cornea transplant, intraocular lens insertion, It has vitreous and retinal (retina), strabismus (eye deviation), glaucoma, blepharoplasty and outpatient eye treatment.

In addition, this center takes pictures of patients’ eyes with OCT and angiography, Orbscan, Pentacam, and Tami devices, and performs retinal laser surgery with laser devices.

The best ophthalmologists

In Sadra Clinic, Iran’s best and most experienced ophthalmic doctors and surgeons are ready to provide medical services.

The latest ophthalmic equipment

Sadra Clinic uses the best and most up-to-date ophthalmic equipment used in the world.

Variety of ophthalmic services

At Sadra Clinic, various types of ophthalmic services are performed, ranging from diagnostic services to all types of eye surgeries.

Experience thousands of successful surgeries

During the 20 years of history of Sadra Clinic, more than 65000 successful surgeries have been performed.

Services of Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic

Eye treatment services

Medical services are measures that are performed after the diagnosis of the disease in order to treat it. About 20 different treatment services are performed in Sadra Clinic.

Eye diagnostic services

Diagnostic services are measures that are performed to diagnose and determine the severity of eye diseases.

At Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic, every patient has a story. From a grandfather who goes to treat his cataracts with his grandson, to a mother who hopes for the recovery of her child's eyes with a child in her arms. From a young man waiting for LASIK surgery hoping to get rid of his glasses, to a traveler who has walked miles to reach us. The stories of the satisfaction of our clients can be heard.

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Our team

Doctors in Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic

One of the most important advantages of Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic is to benefit from the best ophthalmology specialists all over the country.

The list of active doctors in Sadra Clinic and their related information is available through the following button:

The fastest in providing eye surgery services

At Sadra Ophthalmology Clinic, all the efforts of the staff are focused on providing agile and quality services. In this clinic, any surgery is done in 5 very simple steps. These steps are as follows:

Examining tests and determining the type of operation
Anesthesia consultation and examination of the patient's condition
Hospitalization, operating room and recovery
Fund, settlement and clearance
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